Wow, I am on a roll!!!

Chapter 7 The Siren is now up for Destination: Eternity!

Now, it will be a little while until the next chapter, as I actually have to write it now. Ill be working on it through out the week, but I wont be publishing anything until maybe this weekend. 🙂




Okay. While I have 5 chapters of DE, and the Valhalla One Shot up on Fanfiction Affliction, I am slowly working on adding (on both sites) the other 3 chapters I have written. I need to go back and reread/edit before I put them up, however.

It will be a little slower than what I thought, not by much, but without the use of one of my thumbs… it has made typing difficult. Yesterday, I cut the tip of my thumb off.. while slicing a lemon… while the nail is 98% intact, all the nerves at the tip of the digit are now exposed/gone. So, I have a cold/numb sensation where my thumb used to be, yet when it touches ANYTHING, it burns and hurts like a mofo.. so yeah. At least one more chapter will be up by the end of the day, instead of the 3 I was going to try to get done.

Wish me luck!


Hello! I am about to start posting my True Blood, Eric and Sookie story!

I have 7 chapters completed so far, and more that I am aiming to catch up on fairly soon. This story is going to be long. I am going to post one chapter a week, so I can go back and re-read the chapters and edit if I need to before I post the next chapter. Plus, this’ll give me time to actually write more chapters 🙂

I will not have banners up as of yet, since I still need to actually do some. haha

What I will do though, is add pictures when I feel is warranted, so the readers can have some idea on who the other characters look like. Most of the characters that are mentioned are MY OWN. As in, I made them up myself. They are not meant to resemble anybody else’s characters/friends/whomever. Throwing that out there now.

I am going over chapter one right now, so if anyone is interested, that chapter will be up within the hour.

Hope you love it!